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Model No. Description
1601 Single Booth Finished 2 Ends
1602 Double Booth Finished 2 Ends
1603 1/4 Circle Unfinished Outside Back
1604 1/2 Circle Unfinished Outside Back
1605 3/4 Circle Unfinished Outside Back
1606  Wall Bench Unfinished Outside Back LF
Standard Features
6'' Closed Base in Black ABS Plastic
Removable 4'' Foam Seat
Removable Inside Back W/ 6'' Channels
Lifetime Frame Warranty
Built in Wipe Out Channel
Standard Laminate Covered Booth
Solid Oak Top Cap
Solid Oak End Panel
Solid Oak Trim on End of Skirt
Available options
Plain Inside Back
Horizontal Channel Inside Back
Headroll with Plain Inside Back
Diamond Tuft Inside Back
Square Tuft Inside Back


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